membership_buttonMember Referral Plan


Now you can save more by helping others save. Simply refer others to become a member of our organization and you will receive a one dollar credit every month they remain a member.

Not only will you save through the discounts offered but now you can even have your membership and other items free.

This is just another way we are saying “Thank you” for helping us do more for our veterans and the community.



Terms and Conditions

  • Receive $1 credit on your monthly fees for every member referred for the duration of their membership.
  • New member must identify the person referring them for credit to take place.
  • Must remain in good standings in order to receive credits.
  • Must be on auto pay in order to receive credits.
  • Credits can only be applied to dues and purchases made through the organization. 
  • No money will be sent to members if credits are higher than monthly expenses.
  • Credits are calculated monthly and cannot be saved or rolled over for future monthly credits.
  • United For The People reserves the rights to discontinue this program without notice.
  • Please email for additional information.