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Utilize company and individual resources in order to provide the highest quality service and support for veterans and the community.


To provide services and support needed to build the community and create a more productive society that will enhance quality of life and create a synergistic system that unites the community in building a better tomorrow…together.

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About the Founder

Jermaine Shorter decided to start this non profit with the goal of providing a single location for people to help others without funding going into corporate pockets or hidden fee’s that reduces the amount going to the cause. United for the people was chosen as the company name because the name itself speaks of the purpose and commitment of the organization. To unite people to so together we may resolve many of the problems and issues that have been complained about for decades. To do this, transparency is vital to the success of the organization. Mr. Shorter is very diverse due to his extensive travels throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. His decision to start the organization came from his experiences growing up in the South and actually witnessing true poverty during visits to 3rd world countries. His vision is to leave the world better than they way he found it and by providing resources to help others, he is doing just that.

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